Elsa is finally here!

Elsa is finally here!

Dragonball Z Pop figures are here!

Dragonball Z Pop figures are here!

Halloween is coming!

Halloween is coming!

Good News/Bad News Batman Fans


Bad news: We JUST (like, hours ago) found out from our legal department that Beware the Batman and Sym-bionic Titan are being “written off,” financially, as of now. Therefore, after this weekend neither of those two shows will be a part of Toonami again, unfortunately. What’s the good news? Welp, because we hate to bone you Bat-fans by simply yanking the show, we’re running ALL of the remaining unaired episodes THIS weekend from 2:30a-6a, for one last Bat-blow out. FYI, Hellsing fans: that means we skip Hellsing this Saturday, but don’t worry- it will return next week at an earlier timeslot! Schedules for the next two weeks below:


11:30p – Attack on Titan

12:00a – Bleach

12:30a – Space Dandy

01:00a – Shippuden

01:30a - One Piece

02:00a – Gurren Lagann

02:30a – Beware the Batman

03:00a – Beware the Batman

03:30a – Beware the Batman

04:00a – Beware the Batman

04:30a – Beware the Batman

05:00a – Beware the Batman

05:30a – Beware the Batman


11:30p – Attack on Titan

12:00a – Bleach

12:30a – Shippuden

01:00a – One Piece

01:30a - Gurren Lagann

02:00a – Hellsing Ultimate

03:00a – Space Dandy (begins re-running)

03:30a – Cowboy Bebop

04:00a – FMAB

04:30a – Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig

05:00a – Big O (Season 2)

05:30a – Samurai Jack

Thanks, and sorry- these are the kinds of surprises we DON’T like! 

Love, The Toonami Crew.